How To Improve Your Endurance With Anabolic Steroids

Endurance is an important fitness component. Having a huge muscle mass counts for nothing if you do not have endurance. Cardiovascular exercises such as high intensity interval training, swimming and jogging are great for building endurance. However, even if you have a strict cardio-workout routine, you may not get to the endurance level you want. The good news is that anabolic steroids can help you get to that level. To understand how that happens, you would first need to have basic knowledge of basic human anatomy and cell physiology.

The body is made up of organs. There is the skin, kidneys, liver, heart and lungs among other organs. Each of these organs has several tissues, such as the muscle tissue, which work together to make up the organ. Each of these tissues also has cells, which are the most basic unit of life. Red blood cells, or RBC, are found in the blood. Their primary function is to carry oxygen to other cells in different parts of the body. RBC also carry carbon dioxide from every parts of the body to the lungs for removal. The more RBC a person has, the more efficient their body will be. To build endurance, you must have more RBC. The best way to achieve this goal is to use anabolic steroids.

How Steroids Build Endurance

For decades, doctors have been prescribing low doses of anabolic steroids to patients suffering from anemia. This is because these products are known to increase the RBC in the user’s body. Anemia is a condition characterized by a low RBC in the bloodstream, so an anabolic steroid can effectively resolve the problem. For those who do not have anemia, anabolic steroids can increase RBC and improve their endurance significantly. In fact, that is why many athletes, particularly swimmers and runners have tested positive for anabolic steroids. They used these products to improve their endurance with the aim of getting an edge over the competition. That said, steroid use in professional sporting disciplines, particularly athletics, has been banned. Any aspiring athlete should stay away from these products. Otherwise, they would get banned for years and be forced to return all monies, prizes and medals they won with the help of steroids.