V.NUS in Quebec City
For this fifth edition, under the theme “international solidarity’, it is with great pleasure that ‘GLBT Quebec / Fight against homophobia’ unveils the 2009 programming of the Vieille-Capitale gay pride celebrations. Many activities will bring forward and commemorate the hard fight for equality rights from different countries and cultures, including ours.

Tourists visiting Quebec City during the Gay Pride period will benefit from a special Arc-en-ciel rate of 15% less than the regular cost of a room with very comfortable official hotel PUR located in Nouvo St-Roch borough. www.hotelpur.com


Friday, September 4th

Rainbow flag-raising ceremony
10am – Québec City Hall Gardens / 2, des Jardins
Quebec City Gay Pride team invites everyone to participate at this most important formal activity where the Rainbow Flag, gay pride symbol, will be raised at mast in the City Hall Gardens in presence of distinguished guests and press members.
Homo-parentality conference
1:30pm – PUR Hotel / 395, rue de la Couronne
The “Coalition des familles homoparentales” is proud to present a new workshop called “Regards on homo-parental families”, a premiere in Quebec City. Attendants will learn more about those family’s realities. It will tool up educators working with kids and families and for people (citizens, parents, parents in process …) interested by homo-parentality as well. Mandatory free subscription at 523-5572.

Opening Cocktail & Women Happy Hours
17h – Boudoir Lounge / 441, du Parvis
Festival-goers, partners and volunteers to Quebec City Gay Pride will meet at Boudoir Lounge, in Nouvo Saint-Roch, to celebrate the official opening of the event. This fundraising activity is a 2 for 1 since the 3rd Women Happy Hours activity will be held at the same time in their usual meeting room. A unique cover charge fee of 10$ includes one free drink. Ambiance: DJ Charles Poulin



Saturday, September 5th – Saint-Jean Street

Saint-Jean Street pedestrian-only
8am to 11pm – Turnbull to Honoré-Mercier
Take advantage from Saint-Jean Street closed to cars and coloured with the sexual diversity. Discover again for the first time business places that have made the heart of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste quarter. Walk freely on the street in a familial ambiance at day, in a sensual feeling at night.

Animation de rue
1pm to 8pm – Turnbull to Honoré-Mercier
Be charmed by the talent and audacity of street performers. These walking animators will blow your mind out with breathtaking performances. Also, visit our instructive poster exhibition on gay and lesbian rights as long as gay friendly travel conditions in about ten countries around the world.

Community day
1pm to 5pm – Sutherland to Sainte-Claire
Get informed on LGBT services or find tools on ways to fight homophobia while wandering through community organization, union and political party booths. Learn more about gay and lesbian sport programming, students associations, Sappho magazine, SORTIE newspaper, etc.
Shows & terrace
2pm to 8pm –Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church Square
Theatrical and musical performances will be under the spotlight with a dynamic programming concocted by the Quebec City Fay Pride Team. Thirsty and hungry people will be at ease on the TD Canada Trust terrace right beside hot-dog and beer kiosks at the church square.!

Short film and clip projections
8:30 pm to 10:30 pm – Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church Square
This activity is a real call for laughs and dance. Come on and let’s twist again while advertisements, clips and short films on sexual diversity from old-time and actual footage will be projected a large silver screen. Shake your boogie with today’s success and laugh out loud on old Celine’s publicity.

Girls party « Juste une p’tite nuit avec Sapho »
8:30pm – La Ninkasi du Faubourg / 811, Saint-Jean
Sappho magazine is proud to present this not-to-be-missed Girl Party. Programming includes the sparkling voice of Dominique Bouffard (2004 Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée laureate) and devilish rhythms from Sillymeduo's Project, formed by DJ Nathalie Furlotte (Fufu!) and percussionist Sylvie Proulx. Buy tickets now at Dépanneur La Duchesse D’Aiguillon (601, D’Aiguillon Street). Hurry up, places are limited.




Sunday, September 6th – D’Youville Square

Solidarity Brunch against homophobia
11h30 à 13h – D’Youville Square  / at Cabaret Club Le Drague if it rains
This public event held in an open space is fundamental in the Quebec City Gay Pride programming since it goes along with its fight for social equality. Menu: South-American omelettes, African pancakes, Beauceron “fèves au lard”, of Lyons potatoes, fresh fruits, cakes and coffee. Tickets are 15$ ea. Buy yours from MIELS-Québec, GRIS-Québec and Quebec City Gay Pride organizations. Also, you may reserve your ticket by email at direction@glbtquebec.org or by phone at 418 809-3383.

Citizen Free Speech Corner
12h30 – TD Canada Trust stage / at Cabaret Club Le Drague if it rains
Diverse people, individual or spokesperson, speech freely in front of the crowd, on subject such as fight against homophobia, instalment of a society free of any discrimination, based on social equality for everyone, etc. Speeches may be from different form: harangue, compliments, testimony, poetry, etc.
Community day
1pm to 5pm – D’Youville Square
Get informed on LGBT services or find tools on ways to fight homophobia while wandering through community organization, union and political party booths. Learn more about gay and lesbian sport programming, students associations, Sappho magazine, SORTIE newspaper, etc.
Country Dancing
1pm to 2:30pm – D’Youville Square
Admire Hors-la-loi-du-Faubourg Country Club members’ skills. Watch them or take few lessons. Cowboys and cowgirls at heart bring your hat and enter the dance!
iPod Battle Arc-en-ciel 2009
This unusual friendly competition opposes non-profit organization members in melodic combat in different categories. They will ‘throw’ at each other songs found on an iPod received just before their performance.


« Fight » against homophobia Show
7pm – TD Canada Trust Stage
This show will bring you far away from stereotypes often associated to gay community; a special gala starring Warrior champions from R2Wrestling Club and a special guest. Come and support EQUALITY clan in its fight against EVIL clique.


Emerging Artists Finale
8pm – TD Canada Trust Stage / At Cabaret Club Le Drague if it rains

Emerging Artist Contest has been created to discover the best LGBT and friend’s voices. Last May finalists (selected by 2009 Quebec City Gay Pride Organization) are: Geneviève Dionne, Annick Leclerc, Danny Leclerc, Cimon Murray and Richard-Nicolas Villeneuve among which three winners will share 500$ en prices. Also, this show will bring back on stage Cynthia Veilleux, 2008 winner.


V.NUS: Sticky & Sweet Tour de Madonna
9pm to 11pm – TD Canada Trust Stage
No one else could have been a better choice to close this weekend long activities. V.NUS, the most credible Madonna’s look-alike incarnation, will perform the integral Sticky & Sweet Tour from the queen of pop music, with no less than 14 dancers on stage. D’Youville Square will be set to fire with her hot performances!!


Programmation édition 2008

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